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Batak people and their architecture

ARCHITECTURE Batak people and their architecture View of a batak maindailing village, 1910 Edited by Own Villa, with fragments from “Les Batak” by Achim Sibeth August 2018 The Batak are one of the many ancient populations of Indonesia. They live in the volcanic...

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The history of home-made “bigoli”

GOURMET The history of home-made “bigoli” Written by Rosanna Scorzato for Own Villa August 2018 The primary tool needed is the“bigolaro”, which is essentially a hand crank attached to an iron press and rough copper tube. This instrument was brought to the region by...

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Living experience at Own Villa

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE Living experience at Own Villa Written by Bea and Jeremy - Mr and Mrs Monnet June 2017 Bali is a place where its architecture is in perfect harmony with its tropical environment. Eighteen months after our first visit to Bali, it was a blast to...

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Private Luxury Villa di Canggu Bali

Ah finally, after a long long timee, saya si lazy blogger ini menulis kembali, biasa, ibu beranak satu yang masih bayi ditambah kesibukan mengurus suami dan beberapa kerjaan lainnya, membuat karya tulisku terluntah-luntah, halahhh, syookk syibuk yaa ceritanya. Ok sippp, tanpa banyak prakata pembuka dan ina itu nya, mari sayahh ajak kamyu-kamyu mengikuti tulisan ku yaah, hihihi, sapa tahu inspirasiyonellll buat kamyu-kamyu.

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