The breathtaking roofs inspired by the traditional houses of north Sumatra blend perfectly with the authentic Balinese environment creating an enchanting place.

The architectural solutions instill a sense of harmony and the feeling of a unique living space.

The villa’s structures appear as a little village immersed in the natural surroundings.

Own Villa was built within 2010 and 2012, but it almost appears as if it has always been sitting amongst the greenery.


Own Villa is 100% built with recycled wood


The almost total absence of screws and nails in favour of an ancient technique adopting alternative wood joints has helped create an authentic feeling to the housing units. Due to the use of natural building techniques, these structures are also earthquake-proof

A unique project

The raw materials, every design detail and every housing component has been conceived and realised locally.
Some of these are absolutely original and unique

The past in the present

The project was realised with different construction methods, following the Balinese manufacturing tradition. Through processing the materials by hand and using ancient techniques preserved from the locals, the initial idea has taken shape to become a simple yet functional housing concept

Thank you

Our gratitude goes to all the Indonesian artisans who have contributed with their outstanding manual skills and a lot of passion to transform a concept into reality. They have dedicated their efforts to all those who will experience and enjoy the great result of their work